Quick Destinations For Fun And Learning In Connecticut

Quick Destinations For Fun And Learning In Connecticut

How often do you hear from your family that there is nothing to do in Connecticut? If you are tired of your family just sitting around playing games and on their phones, we are going to help you get them on the move today. We have scoured the state and found some of the best attractions that are not only fun, but will help your family learn a little a long the way!

One of the first stops on our destination through Connecticut is Yale University Art Gallery. This gallery has the distinction of being one of the oldest college art museums in the United States. Of course, with that type of honor, you can only imagine the collection they have grown over the years. At the time of this writing, they actually have over 200,000 objects on display. With a collection like that everyone in the family is going to find at least one thing that they find interesting.

If you are looking for the opportunity to get outdoors and take some incredible scenic pictures, a stop by Gillette Castle State Park is an absolute must. This park has plenty of gorgeous views in addition to holding a 24-room castle. Depending upon the season, the castle may or may not be open to exploring. So to avoid disappointment, be sure you give the staff there a call. The gem of this park is the castle and while it is impressive from the outside a visit inside is a must to truly appreciate this incredible find in East Haddam. However, if you find that the castle is closed, there is still plenty to do on park grounds. And if you are just looking to get the family out and on their feet, there are few prettier places than Gillette Castle State Park.

If you are still looking to explore some artistic pieces a gorgeous setting awaits you at the
Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art. Here you will find over 50,000 pieces that range from ancient time periods all the ways up to current times. They have an incredible display of Pilgrim-era pieces, which may make this a perfect Thanksgiving time day trip for the kids. In addition, the building is quite striking and a must for any photographer.

As ou can imagine, this is just the tip of the iceberg for fun learning in Connecticut. Take the time to research other fun activities with your family and have fun!